We are born through shapes, “our world” include these figures who we can understand even to “extreme” distance of the universe.

– Aristotelis Triantis –






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Discovering the world as a child along with the established perceptions was the need for interpretation by my experiential situations, images, the dreams of those things that are not visible not directly affect the functioning of everyday life.

I was interested in my relationship to a tree on the opposite side of my house, by an owl who looked calm with wide eyes, the smell of fir forest and the deep magic of the dense foliage loss and sunbeam. There was this strong feeling that I participate with them all in a common substance which functioned as a secret inner strength which it was not so much the need of explanation but rather was an experiential process.

The diverse nature gave me the first questions. While it is obvious is also silent and requires a mental process to approach her, one should also need to make images to translate the human context in dialogue with her. To give form to what has no form, to go beyond mere observation of things and enriches. This approach implies the acceptance of the imagination as a spiritual medium, a reflection of mental images and concepts to in finite human space.

We are born through shapes, “our world” include these figures who we can understand even to “extreme” distance of the universe. We grow organically through in a circle and die by the circle of life. We give concepts in the figures in our environment and create words and writing. We also carry themselves a human shape a unique identity for everyone. Having painting ourselves in prehistoric caves to declare our presence to those around us and the next from us. We also create pots and decorate them with our stories and desires, we gave substance to beyond from us, and we building temples with shapes.

We manifest our connection to this world by following the imaginary path and our mental functioning, unable to get away from our need to express what we see in the mirror of the original substance and being unable to get away from our need to share our experience with others who will want to approach our own psychogeography. Our psychogeography defines how we hire and interpret our world, as two mirrors facing their idols one inside the other.

Aristotelis Triantis

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